Better Olives

So I like a great dirty martini, but bad, over salty olives can ruin a perfect drink. There are so many options ( that there is no excuse for a decent bar to use cheap, old olives. My favorites are Lucques or those big super green low salt ones (I’ll get back to you on the name). But still, be a little creative or at least get the best cocktail olives you can find.

Hosts That Actually Act Like Hosts

First impressions people! If the first person who I meet at your place is rude, has not idea what’s going on, or generally forgets about me or my reservation, you’re off to a terrible start. Hosts that feel like it’s their place, in control and welcoming are awesome. They can smooth over a long wait, or simply set the tone for a totally great experience.

Good Bathroom Lighting

Good, as in it makes me look good. It needs to be bright enough for me to see the food in my teeth but not to bright as to blind me from a darker dining room. Warm lighting colors help too as this makes the skin look healthy – even if you’re a pasty white person.

Under the Counter Hooks

For the purse or the jacket, the under counter hook is an essential element to any bar or high top table. Adding your accessories to the back of a chair can get in the way for servers and other guests. Sitting these items on the floor is just poor form, and gets them dirty.

Our Passions

Table One Three has quite a few passions about food & beverage and the dining experience. As we add to this section with our observations, loves and suggestions we hope to expand your dining and drinking awareness. If you have passions that you’d like to share with us, please do.