We use our passions and our connections to bring people and conversation to the table.

We are a social marketing division of Noise 13 Design, targeting the food and beverage industry. We use our passions and our connections to bring people and conversation to the table. From our own event series, Localize.™, to custom marketing for product launches and restaurants our services cover your table. To request more information or to just learn more, please contact us anytime. As we grow, our services and connections will fill this page with more details.

Contact us at 415.957.1313 or at info@tableonethree.com
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Dava Guthmiller Dava Guthmiller
Dava Guthmiller is the owner and creative director for Noise 13 Design and the co-founder of Table One Three. She also is a leader for Slow Food San Francisco and the founder of Pow.wow Network. A publicized foodie, fabulous cook and a long time SF resident, she knows her way around good food and drink. Dava's core responsibilities at Table One Three are developing concept and visual marketing for clients as well as maintaining the "passions" list and connecting to new opportunities.

Pete Nguyen Pete Nguyen
Since 1998, Pete has worked and launched products for some of the biggest luxury brands in the beauty and fashion industry. A socialista and fashionista, Pete has produced and hosted many events and fashion shows in SF, LA, Las Vegas, NYC and Miami and has deejayed in many cities around the world including SF, LA, Las Vegas, NYC, Miami, Honolulu, Toronto and Tokyo. Pete's specific responsibilities with Table One Three will lie primarily with event conception and social marketing.

Marc Fiorito Marc Fiorito
Marc is not sure that he would consider himself a creative, but he is sure that his right brain functions better than his left - i.e.- his decision to drop a lucrative, luxury job to pursue his passion for photography and food. Marc is the owner of Gamma Nine, a global photography studio anchored in San Francisco and New York. He does not like rules and he does not like the obvious. He finds more beauty in a weathered rock than in a diamond. Fortunately, his wife thinks the same way. To him, photography is a way to tempt and seduce his audience; augmenting, interpreting, and evoking a desire and appreciation.

Erin Hunt Erin Hunt
Erin Hunt is founder and principal of Erin Hunt Communications. After over an intense decade on the east coast and years overseas working with food, beverage and consumer lifestyle clients in the agency world, she couldn't think of a better way to transition from Fifth Avenue, New York City, back to the left coast than to throw herself -- boots-first -- into something she loved: wine! After completing a four-month cellar sabbatical with Michel-Schlumberger in Dry Creek Valley, she started her own PR venture dedicated to the "good things in life" - good food, good wine and spirits, great lifestyle products and services - with a keen eye toward the artisanal, handcrafted, and sustainable.